Complete Class Schedule & Bios; Houston

November 7, 2010

FFF Houston Class List and Presenter Bios!

Presented alphabetically by class title, and then alphabetically by scene name. To see the grid of the schedule and times, click here. To see the detailed descriptions and bios, keep reading…

Advanced Foreplay Techniques
Presented by Dr. Robert Rubel
For many men, sex is about personal gratification. This presentation is about a wide range of techniques to please the Lady. We’ll discuss detailed techniques for fingering, A-spot, G-spot and cervix play, massage, and vibrators. We’ll include discussions both about kinky and vanilla techniques. We’ll begin by discussing how to set up the psychological conditions so that a woman will even be interested in participating in an extraordinary sexual evening. This includes suggestions about how to listen, talk, and respond to your partner. The workshop/demo starts with a detailed review of female anatomy (using a large anatomical model), We’ll also cover lubricant selection and how to choose various kinds of vibrators (both internal and external).

Basic Erotic Hypnosis
Presented by Hypnogeekling & Elysia
The Basic Erotic Hypnosis class will cover common misconceptions about hypnosis, safety for both subjects and hypnotists, and basic aspects of hypnosis. Additionally, the class will cover the two major kinds of hypnotic subjects, and the two kinds of suggestions that work best for each of them. Finally, the class will also cover two basic hypnotic inductions, along with four things to do with a subject during an erotic trance.

BDSM-Ethical Considerations
Presented by Master Sade
A facilitated discussion of ethical considerations within a BDSM/Leather Community Context. The group will attempt to arrive at ethical principles and ethical guideposts through an examination of real life situations.

Cautery Pen Branding/Cell Popping
Presented by Lady Shivers
This class covers the physical nuts and bolts of cautery branding, sometimes called “temporary” branding, as well as some emotional aspects to consider. You will be able to observe a brand being done, and experience the sensation yourself, if you so choose. Some of the topics covered include:
•How temporary is this?
•Deciding on placement
•Different types of pens available
•Cautery pens…what they can and can’t do
•Pattern tips and tricks
•After care
•Playing with your brand

Control of the Unruly Pony
Presented by Foxy and Sherifox
Pony play is sometimes thought of as not real BD/SM, more of as an exhibition rather than a fetish involving the common denominators of S/M. Come explore the Dark side of pony play. Learn how whips and crops take second place to other methods of discipline and training,some quite severe, others more along the lines of mind games. Lazy pony? Try ginger! Prancing guaranteed! Figging will be just one of the methods shown in this class. Hobbles, rope,blindfolds, hoods, gags. How about heavy weights and chain? Interested? Then attend this class, come learn. It’s not just for ponies and their trainers. Any demo dolly volunteers?

Conversing from this side of the Kneel
Presented by fairer than she
Often, slaves and submissives have a difficult time communicating from this side of the kneel. There is a tendency to want to hold things in, not expose all the messy bits, and the purpose of this is clear – we don’t want that one person we love, worship and adore above all others to see the angst, anger, fear, hurt. This class focuses on living the truth of transparency in our words. Our words, how we communicate and the time frames we use to do so are incredibly important to a healthy relationship. We will discuss the many pathways to open and complete communication, with an emphasis on greater transparency.

Presented by Sir Tim
If you saw The Karate Kid remake this summer, then you saw the technique of cupping in use. This traditional form of Asian healing can be applied to BDSM as a unique sensation. Just like a hickey, the suction created by cupping can range from the sensual to the excruciating.

Dungeon Etiquette
Presented by Stephen of ERoS & others
So, you’ve been invited to your first play party, or maybe you’re even thinking of hosting one. What do you need to know? What’s the right way to act? There are written, spoken, and unspoken rules of social interaction at a play party. We will illuminate them all. When everyone follows the same etiquette, everyone can enjoy themselves much more, with greater confidence and safety.

Fundamental Forms of Kinbaku
Presented by JakeKinbaku
The essential building blocks of Japanese Style Rope Bondage will be taught. A relatively small number of basic ties form the core of *kinbaku*, which has limitless variation. The beginning student will walk away from this class with the knowledge to create his/her own personalized *kinbaku*. For hands-on instruction, please bring 3 preferably natural-fiber ropes of ~ 6 fathoms.

High Voltage Versatility
Presented by Master Draconis
Master Draconis will show you just how wonderfully electic play can integrate with other types of play. Though he focuses on violet wands, Master Draconis skillfully incorporates other devices, knives, wax, needles, acupunture and more. He will also go over advanced Violet Wand play such as branding. Everyone from the curious novice to the experienced Master will enjoy attending this lively presentation.

Intermediate Erotic Hypnosis
Presented by Hypnogeekling & Elysia
Intermediate Erotic Hypnosis will cover topics in the Basic Erotic Hypnosis class in more depth. All participants will be provided the opportunity to both experience a trance firsthand, and guide other participants through a trance. After the first half of the class, participants will be offered the chance to break into pairs or groups for more customized trances, and the presenters will coach the participants on creating more enjoyable erotic experiences.

Interrogation and Kidnapping Scenes
Stephen will explain the use and reason for, and in some instances demonstrate, techniques for kidnapping and interrogation in a BDSM context. Toy selection, use of fear, roleplaying versus non-roleplaying scenes and possible trouble spots will all be covered.

Native American Rituals & Today’s Scene
Presented by Foxy and Sherifox
Native American rituals and how they parallel today’s scene. This is a discussion class with written hand-outs and props. Teaching that play for today was done for survival yesterday. Any level crowd of experience is OK, everyone will leave the class with some knowledge they didn’t have before.

Newbies and First Timers Q&A
Come and ask anything you’ve ever wanted to ask people in the scene. What’s the best way to meet people? What should I expect from a convention like the FFF? Should I join a group or not? Where can I meet people online? What if what I’m into is really weird, even to kinky people? What if I’m not kinky enough?

Rhythm Play
Presented by Ann Genoway
Ann will cover some of the benefits, fundamental techniques, and basic tools of rhythm play. This class is for everyone from beginner to the more experienced practitioner. Come prepared to have fun.

Sensuous Caning
Presented by Stephen and Leslie of ERoS
Canes have a deserved reputation as a Terror Weapon, the single most intimidating piece of equipment in many a Dom’s arsenal. To most submissives, they mean severe punishment. However, canes can be used in a loving and sensuous way. The very stiffness of a good cane, that which makes a hard stroke intense, can also allow the lightest taps to be given with perfect control. In rhythmic play, light strokes are far more prevalent, and important, than heavy ones.

Sharp Pointy Things 101
Presented by MaitreSteffan
An introduction to risk aware needle play methods and techniques.

Strap-Ons for All Genders
Presented by Foxy and Sherifox
Don’t be intimidated by this popular toy. We’ll include discussion of the types of strap-ons and different lubes, toys, harnesses. Both male and female players can wear a harness, and then we’ll also discuss the unisex thigh harness.

Structuring the Structured Relationship
Presented by Dr. Robert Rubel
Avoiding Crises and Building Stability. Long-term Master/slave relationships are not accidental; they require ongoing hard work. To a large extent, people get along better with one another when they openly discuss their expectations and wishes with regard to their own growth and the growth of their partner. There are certain tips and techniques – some borrowed from the world of business – that can be helpful before you enter into a relationship, during the development of the relationship, and to keep it running smoothly after it’s established.

Successful Poly Dynamics
Presented by Momma Duck
A workshop on how the dynamics in a real life poly family works. What worked, what didn’t work. Discussing some of the problems encountered and methods for dealing with them and maintaining stability. Also, managing daily life including children, outside “vanilla” family members, people in the community, jobs, who cleans the cat box, and much more. She will also discuss the positives of her family and why it works. Some of the important things for someone who is looking for a poly situation to try and avoid along with things that are positive. She can give some real life insights on what it really means to be polyamorous – just a plain poly family – and some of the things she has seen and experienced as a result of her family’s lifestyle choices.

The Need for Pain
Presented by Sir Wingz
The Need for Pain and how to deal with it. This class is geared for Tops/Dominants that have from time to time gotten to a point that they have a NEED for pain. This class is for Tops/Dominants only. In this discussion we will talk about why we get to a point of that need. What we do when we get to that point and how to handle it. We will also try to cover how to inform your bottom/submissive/slave that you have this need and how to handle it with them.

(Un)labels: Kinksters for the Ethical Treatment of Labels
Presented by LizD/LuckyAlbatross
Please join us for a lively and frank discussion about the use and abuse of labels within our kink world. The topic of labels is a frequent hot button with some people attempting to avoid them like the plague and some people layering them on. Come empowered to share your views, get out your label-angst and maybe learn a few tools on how to handle label issues in the future. Liz will lead a presentation and discussion on the concept and application and hopefully teach the proper care and feeding of labels to foster better communication and harmony amongst kinksters (yes, that’s a label!).

Using Protocols to Make Your World Special
Presented by Dr. Robert Rubel
While there are certain general protocols used in public Leather settings, there are many ways to build protocols into personal relationships, both as a way of honoring the relationship and to demonstrate on a daily basis just how special the relationship is both to Master and to slave. We will also discuss ways that protocols can be used to help to stabilize relationships during times of stress. We’ll go over some examples of protocols that we use personally, and ask for audience participation to learn of other protocols that can be used to stabilize a relationship. We will also brainstorm other ways that protocols can be used to benefit both Master and slave in a structured relationship.

Women’s Issues in the Lifestyle
Presented by Ms. Ruby
This will be a discussion for women in the lifestyle covering issues from starting out in the scene, to overcoming emotions, issues in relationships, illness, etc.

Zen of Flogging
Presented by Master Sade
Flogging is one of the most popular BDSM activities, but there is more to it than just how to swing a cat. Master Sade presents this class on zen and the art of flogging. Although he will cover many aspects important for novices (including grip, strokes, safety, and choosing a whip), he will delve into zen ideas of becoming one with your activity, physical activity as a means of meditation, and the connection between top and bottom. Expect a little history and live demonstration, to boot.

Presenter Bios:

Ann Genoway is a native Texan and currently resides in Houston. She is a certified Tibetan and Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, dungeon monitor, a mentor, and working on her Holistic Life Coach and Reflexology Certification. Her most recent demos and presentations: CBT- butterfly board/sounds/and electrical stimulation; Human Body- The Shamans Drum, A Modern Shamanistic Journey at Gigi’s Playhouse /Houston 8/14/10. Rhythm Technique; Human Body-The Shamans Drum at Bound By Desire/ Austin 8/21/10. Scheduled guest speaker on KPFT 8/28/10. She is a member of National Leather Association- Houston, NLA-I, Dyke Uniform Corps, WiPS, MAsT-Houston and EROS.

fairer than she is slave to Senor Jaime and has been in service to him for over three years. Senor Jaime is owner of The WhatKnot, a bondage bungalow and event space in Austin, Texas. Together, they produce OctRoperFest:BBQ, Bock and Bondage, a three day rope bondage event each October. fairer than she is a bisexual, polyamorous, masochistic, service oriented, obedience driven slave. She believes that open communication is one of the fundamental pre-suppositions to strong and healthy M/s relationships. For over twenty years, fairer has been involved with D/s and M/s relationships. She is a former board member of GWNN, produces large expos around the country, and has been a public speaker since her teen years.

Foxy and Sherifox: Winners of BEST OF SHOW at the International Pony Play Championships 2007 and again in 2008 in Minnesota, along with other national wins resulting in titles and awards for events such as Show pony, Cart pony,Freestyle pony,Hunter Jumper and Dressage. The latest issue of Equus Eroticus features Foxy and Sherifox training ponies in New Yorks Central Park. Foxy is a southern outdoorsman, cowboy and horse trainer. Sherifox is of French and Native American descent. She is a direct descendant of Chief Joseph of the Nez Pearce tribe. During his western travels Foxy met Sherifox in Montana and together they explored her Native American culture, which piqued their interest in the ancient rituals and ceremonies. Involved in the lifestyle for decades, they also enjoy all aspects of BD/SM ranging from rope bondage/suspensions to training ponies for pony play. Foxy and Sherifox are founders and proprietors of NATIVE AMERICAN EXOTICS, Unique hand made BD/SM items for the consenting adult connoisseur, which is based in Central Florida.

Hypnogeekling and Elysia: Elysia and Geek are veterans of the online erotic hypnosis scene, having started their exploration in 2006. Cathy has a long history of using hypnosis for healing purposes, beginning at the age of 10, and Karl started in 2007. Both are certified hypnotists, and have extensive additional training in the healing arts. Lately, the two have been active in the Houston scene, presenting for both SAF and EROS. Cathy enjoys an online harem of hypnosubs, using her signature green blankie to keep things warm, cozy, and obedient, as well as maintaining the blankiebot (which provides text-scripted and audio trance files in her channel, #blankie) on IRC. Karl has pioneered the facilitation of erotic dreams in trance, and additionally enjoys doing otherworldly trances and helping people travel to fantastic fantasy worlds of their own creation.

Jake (JakeKinbaku) is a Houston greybeard hedonist who has been exploring kinbaku since 2003. Active around Texas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago, he loves to share his enthusiasm with others who enjoy this captivating diversion. Rope bondage is a kink that for him is always yielding discoveries and interesting new friends. Jake particularly enjoys introducing newcomers to rope, demystifying it for those who claim to be all thumbs, and reminding longtime players that it sometimes really can be “all about the rope”.. Sample his work/play on FetLife profile: JakeKinbaku.

Ladyshiver’s daughter once described her as a “steel magnolia”, always the strong one, single mom, executive, woman in charge. Discovering BDSM, ladyshivers found a welcome release through submission. Her latest journey in the leather lifestyle has found her on the Top side. Formerly an NLA-Dallas Membership Chairperson, she was also co-founder of The House of Darkwatch, a BDSM group based in Oklahoma City, and co-developer of a kinky merchandise store, which provided her the opportunity to vend unique and interesting toys and clothing at BDSM events throughout the Midwest. Along with being a mentor for the Dallas Dominant and Submissive Mentoring programs, she had the honor of being nominated for NLA-I Woman of The Year. She recently completed a body piercing apprenticeship and is now employed full time at Voodoo Tattoo in Huntsville Tx as their body piercer.

Liz, known as LuckyAlbatross online, is an enthusiastic kinkster with a desire to know truth of self and encourage others towards their own truths. She has been active in the scene for 12 years and has participated in events all over the US, Ireland, and Canada. She was a member of Black Rose in DC and the Baltimore Educational and Social Society (BESS), where she was elected as Secretary for two years and Chair of the Board for one year. Since moving to Texas, she has become a frequent presenter, leader, and event organizer in Austin on both kink and relationship dynamic aspects.

Maitre Steffan: Before discovering the scene, his adventures in Ds protocols and corporal punishment began in kindergarten at a Catholic military school. Introduction to SM as a recreational concept came through Anne Rice’s Beauty series of books discovered during his college years. Hojustsu –rope binding and other useful martial skills were acquired during the study of authentic Japanese bujutsu arts before entering the scene. Since his introduction to the Scene in ‘99, He has been active in several central Texas groups, SAS/M, Our Kommon Bond, Austin Voyagers, GWNN as well as a few others. Has served as a Dungeon monitor for GWNN and SAS/M. Before moving to Austin, he frequently hosted the meetings for the rope bondage group Fit to Be Tied in his home. He has taught classes on Electrical & Needle for several Texas kink clubs over the last three years.

Master Draconis has been in the scene for over 15 years. He is committed to community education and support. He has over 9 years experience in electro play and electro torture and has been sharing his skills for over 4 years. He supports RACK (Risk Aware Concensual Kink). In his words “Everything we do has risks. Safe and sane are subjective terms. Knowing the risks and how to minimumize them is the route to safer, more fullfilling play time.”

Master Sade is a sixty-three year-old lifestyle Dominant with one slave, suthrndeb. He is a former sea captain and has worked in over fifty countries. When he was younger, he was an amateur boxer, an anti-war activist and a civil rights worker. As a captain, he had one vessel sink during a storm, dealt with a mutiny, and watched a thousand sunrises at sea. He believes in service to humanity, and has spent time doing disaster relief in the Sudan. Master Sade has published some of his work at and www,mindcaviar,com. His book of forty poems, titled Aphrodite, was published in September.. He was one of the prime organizers of the Leather Leadership Conference in New Orleans and has served on the governing council of New Orleans Bondage and Leather.

Momma Duck has been an active member of the local community for about five years. She has been living the lifestyle for about ten years. Her poly family has been a cohesive unit for ten years. She has presented for Journeys in Houston and has performed demos on needle play, wax play, flogging, and medical play for a few local groups. Momma makes toys and makes fun whenever and wherever she may be. She lives large and loves unconditionally. She has built a way of life that most only dream of. She proves daily that there is always room for one more.

Ms. Ruby has been in the lifestyle since 1997. Her first years were as a submissive back in Ohio with her Leather Family. After coming to Houston, she then realized she was a Dom at heart. She and her submissive of 3 years live the lifestyle in a 24/7 relationship. Ms. Ruby is also Ms. Tri-State Leather 2003 and Ms. International Ms. Leather (IMsL) 2003 First Runner-up. She is currently a member of the Erotic Rose Society (ERoS) and Masters and Slaves Together (MaST) in Houston, Texas.

Robert Rubel (Dr. Bob) is an educational sociologist and researcher by training. He has ten books currently in print (four on Master/slave topics, two on advanced sex techniques, one on fire play, and three erotic art photo books). Recipient of the 2008 Pantheon of Leather’s Community Choice Award, Robert (Bob) Rubel has been involved in the BDSM scene since the summer of 2001, throwing himself into the literature of the field as though it were an academic study. He frequently attends weekend Leather conferences.

Sir Tim has been active in the BDSM lifestyle for over thirteen years. His journey into the world of fire began over ten years ago. Over the years, he has been taught by some of the most knowledgeable individuals that play with fire. He has taken those teachings and developed his own style of play that is quite unique.

Sir Wingz: “I have been actively involved in the BDSM Communities for over 10 years and in the Leather Community here in Houston for over a year and a half. I ran a BDSM educational and play group in Michigan for almost two years. When I moved to Houston I became involved with a couple of the local groups. I was elected and served as a member of the Board of Directors for HPEP (Houston People Exchanging Power). Currently I am a Member of NLA-Houston Chapter of which I am the Vendor Coordinator for Spring Iniquity XX.”

Stephen and leslie: Stephen has been active in BDSM since 1980, minus a far to long hiatus while in a vanilla marriage. leslie met Stephen in 1999, and has been active since Stephen talked her into her first spanking. On their second date. Active in multiple Houston clubs, Stephen and leslie have a penchant for leading many of the weekly demos and round-table discussions hosted by their home club, the Erotic Rose Society- Eros, at their home bar, Rudyards.

Stephen (not to be confused with Stephen of Stephen and leslie) is a member of ERoS, and has been a member of the Houston community only for a few years and has earned a terrible reputation in that time. Stephen is master of a one slave household, and builds some toys and furniture for local groups. 4 years enlisted in the Navy provided real time background for his deep interest in hurting people and breaking things.

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