FFF Houston 2011: Full Class Descriptions & Presenter Bios

November 9, 2011

Houston Fetish Flea 2011

What follows are the bios for the presenters, each one followed by what class(es) each will present:

Alexis has been active in the BDSM and Transgender (TG) community since the late 1960s and has given BDSM and TG demos, presentations and seminars on a wide range of topics for the last 20+ years. Alexis holds and has held leadership positions in both the TG and BDSM community.

BDSM & Gender Stuff
Gender Play, Playing with Transgender individuals, Gender Fetishes, Gender Fetish items are all part of the BDSM world. In this class we will cover:
- The what and how of the Transgender world
- Playing with Transgender individuals
- The dynamics of Gender play … forced, enforced, and other approached
- Gender fetishes and gender fetish items

Angel Propps
Angel Propps is a butch loving bottom, Daddy’s Grrl, and a former musician who is currently one of only a handful of women who manage a gentlemen’s club in the SouthEast. She is a writer whose work has appeared in many Xcite anthologies, Ravenous Romance anthologies and many horror anthologies as well as many magazines and nonfiction forums and recently she was invited to contribute to a series on Leatherati.com.

Daddy’s Little Grrl: Avoiding Shame in Ageplay
As an Ageplayer—AngelPropps is in a committed relationship with her Daddy Sir OB—Angel understands the shame that can come from this type of play as well as its joys. This is an open discussion class that allows free speech without judgment. The mission of this class is to help those new to AgePlay to understand that this type of play does not impart an inner desire for an incestuous relationship and to help those in AgePlay relationships to find ways to deepen their relationship through honesty and commitment. This class will focus on the differences between Littles and Grrls, the sexual aspects of the relationship, and how to live in an AgePlay based dynamic.

Puppy Play
Pet play has become the largest growing section of the scene in recent years. Puppy play 101 is for both pups and their prospective Owners/Trainers but certain aspects of the class will encompass all types of pet play. Angel Propps will explain why being a pup is not role play but rather an aspect of personality, the difference between primalism and pet play and give hands on help to those who need it. This class also focuses on practical advice, how to walk on all fours, how to prevent injury and discuss, openly and without judgment, the need for negotiation of everything from bathroom usage to whether or not your pet is going to be sexually active.

Danielle dV8
Danielle dv8 is a safer sex positive presenter. Many of her classes are structured to be just within the boundaries determined by the rules of the event and the consent of the participants. Danielle has been active in the BDSM/Leather commUnity for 15 years and has become known as a dynamic, authentic, and informed presenter for pan-sexual events of all types across the nation. She has been a public speaker on various aspects of fitness and wellness for more than a decade. She is a certified personal trainer, yoga, Pilates, kick-boxing and aerobics instructor, practices homeopathy and energy medicine professionally, and is listed as a Kink Aware Professional (KAP) on http://ncsfreedom.com. For more information about Danielle please visit http://housedv8.com

Erogenous Zoning Violations
If the media insists on calling our gatherings “Sex Parties” i say we have some sex! This class is about dungeon sex! No matter what the restrictions of the play space, we are going to get off! We will demonstrate in glorious detail all the various forms of dungeon sex that are a go at THIS EVENT. Includes strap-on play, public masturbation, tips for overcoming stage fright, and individual erogenous zone mapping.

Natural & Alternative Healing Techniques for First Aid and After Care
Do you like to play rough but sometimes regret the results? We are going way beyond “ice it and take a pain killer” with this class and most of this info will be new to most people. From preparation before play to treating cuts and bruises, sore muscles, and an overwhelmed body/mind afterwards, this is a highly informative class stuffed full of information and will include a detailed hand-out so you can busy yourself practicing hands-on healing techniques with each other instead of taking notes.

Partner Yoga Intensive
The power of a yoga workout, the intimacy of interacting with your partner or partners. If this class does not make you want to go straight to your room and fuck it is only because you got off while doing it! This class has also been known to inspire wicked bondage ideas! We will physically work our bodies and the body of our partner(s) through a series of postures and practices designed to challenge the body and deepen the connection between partners.

Dr. Bob Rubel
Robert Rubel (Dr. Bob), author, educator, and photographer is an educational sociologist and researcher by training. He currently has ten books in print (four on Master/slave topics, two on advanced sex techniques, one on fire play, and three erotic art photo books). Recipient of the 2008 Pantheon of Leather’s Community Choice Award (man), Robert (Bob) Rubel has been involved in the BDSM scene since the summer of 2001, throwing himself into the literature of the field as though it were an academic study. He presents, judges, and sells his books at weekend kink conferences throughout the year.

Introspection in the Master/Slave Relationship
There are many, many stages in forming and maintaining a Master/slave relationship. You can start out with: “Why am I interested in having a Master or a slave?” or “What do I do when I suspect that I’ve made a mistake about this person?” While some issues – nearly invisible issues – fester and build discontent, other issues reveal themselves only after years of living together. We’ll explore these and many other topics in this interactive presentation. (NOTE: you might wish to bring pen and paper.)

Playing Hard with a Lady for (his) Fun and (her) Pleasure*
This is a fast-paced and very intense demo that uses a variety of techniques to demonstrate edgy play leading to female ejaculating (squirting, gushing). We’ll involve electro-stim, slapping, punching, fisting, flogging, electric zapper, etc. We’ll also be demonstrating very large insertables and doing some things with a vibrator that may be new to you. I’ll discuss aftercare towards the end of the session.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Master?
Internet searches for responsibilities of a Master range from the silly to the profound. Some lists seem to be for Internet “Masters” and others are compilations by serious Leatherfolk. While many of Masters’ responsibilities are pretty obvious to those of us that live an M/s life, many other responsibilities are far less obvious – yet are very important. This interactive workshop presents a wide range of responsibilities for consideration. (NOTE: you might wish to bring pen and paper.)

Dr. Sam
DrSam has been active in the Houston scene for two years and is known as a bondage enthusiast and a photographer. He frequents various clubs in the Houston area and is always eager to play and teach.

7 Basic Knots You Can Use
DrSam is a known bondage enthusiast in the Houston area and likes various bondage position. Yet, he used less than a total of 7 knots. Join DrSam and learn practical bondage knots that you can actually use. This class will focus on the basic chest harness and the two column bar tie and its application to a comfortable hogtie.

Elysia has been active in the Houston scene for almost two years, and has presented for several local groups, including last year’s FFF. She has been a musician since she was old enough to stand, and has formal training in several instruments as well as the study of music and psychology. For Elysia, music is an integral part of play, so much so that a set of small speakers and an ipod can generally be found in her toybag along with her favorite set of mallets.

Music & Headspace
Some say music is the universal language. In this class, Elysia will explain and demonstrate how music can elicit different biological and emotional responses. She will show how the selection of certain types of music can be used during a scene to get the bottom’s body into different modes and prime it for subspace, anxiety, arousal, or any number of places the top wants to take them. Also included will be a demonstration of “How to play your bottom like a Rock Band instrument”, or using musical implements in percussive play.

fairer than she is slave to Senor Jaime and has been in service to him for over three years. Senor Jaime is owner of The WhatKnot, a bondage bungalow and event space in Austin, Texas. Together, they produce OctRoperFest:BBQ, Bock and Bondage, a three day rope bondage event each October. fairer than she is a bisexual, polyamorous, masochistic, service oriented, obedience driven slave. She believes that open communication is one of the fundamental pre-suppositions to strong and healthy M/s relationships. For over twenty years, fairer has been involved with D/s and M/s relationships.

Fisting: Giving & Receiving*
Curious about fisting or being fisted? In this class, we explore both sides of this delightful activity. Fairer than she will be demonstrating how to fist with a lovely demo bottom, then will be fisted in turn. She will talk about the experience from both perspectives, making this an invaluable
demo no matter how you identify. Fairer will discuss various techniques, tools of the trade, safety issues, and most important of all, how to develop a special connection through fisting.

Obedience vs Submission
These words get used interchangeably on the internet and in various discourses and truly, they do not have the same meaning.
Obedience is an action while submission is a state of mind. Both of these can be the primary motivations for our behaviors as s-types and either can influence our day to day responses to the ones we serve. Let’s explore this topic in an open and frank discussion. Some questions we will cover include: What prevents obedience and how can we overcome it? Does my submission have to look like your submission? What purpose does this serve? Where is the fulfillment?
This class is reserved for s-types only.

A health care professional involved in the scene for the past dozen years, my interests are in various aspects of Medical Play, Sensual Play, CBT, Cupping, safety, Electrical Play, Needles and Sharps and Pointies OH MY, Fire Play, Spanking, safety, Massage, Pervertibles, and safety. Oh, did I mention I’m a SAFETY fetishist? I’m an edge playing omni-sadist Domme or Top who likes to keep her “toys” intact. At least for now. I’ll be joined in my presentations by my ever-in-fear partner StuntPenis (or is that StuntedPenis?), with whom I’m supposed to maintain the website PocketAmazon.net. I’m listed on Fet Life as Helga.

Advanced Medical Play: Scrotal & Labial Infusion*
Ever wanted a pair of really BIG balls hanging between your thighs? Ever wonder what that kind of gravitational pull would feel like? Stunt Penis loves to have his scrotum filled with saline, as much as possible, the greedy boy! This is a procedure that involves putting a small needle into each side of the scrotum and allowing sterile saline solution to fill ‘er up! The limiting factor to how much is how tight or loose the scrotal skin is. We’ll cover the safety factors, places to avoid, and the steps to follow. Step on up and see how much YOU can hold. And yes, the fluid is absorbed by the body within a few days.

Introduction to Medical Play
Are you curious about medical play but don’t know where to begin? As Joan Rivers say, “Can we talk?” This class will cover the important basics of Medical Play; getting to know what’s out there, what kind of nefarious examinations can be done, how to get a medical history and practice safely. In the past during the class, scrotal infusions, sounds, catheters, vaginal exams, TENS units and violet wands have been demonstrated. It changes every time, so who knows what we’ll do next time?

Massage in a Hurry: Quick Tips for Relaxing Your Dom
Have you ever gotten home late, feeling on edge and like you want to take a bubble bath to take you away, only to be reminded by your sub/slave/bottom that tonight is THAT important gathering you scheduled months ago? This class is a hands on demo of four fast journeys into relaxation in about 20 minutes or so. I’ll cover whole body, hands/feet, head/neck and the back, all in 10- 20 minutes. We’ll cover the medical background you must know, how to do these techniques whether you have a massage table or not and how to choose your favorite massage positions.

Hypnogeekling is a certified hypnotist and NLP practitioner, and has been involved in erotic hypnosis since 2007. He has done presentations for EROS, SAF, clubFEM, and FFF in the past.

Introduction to Erotic Hypnosis
Get hands on experience in taking a subject into an erotic trance! Various types of erotic hypnosis play will be discussed. Experience with inducing trance or the introductory course is strongly recommended. Subject participants are welcome regardless of previous experience.

JAKE is a Houston greybeard hedonist who has been exploring kinbaku since 2003. Active around Texas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago, he loves to share his enthusiasm with others who enjoy this captivating diversion. Rope bondage is a kink that for him is always yielding discoveries and interesting new friends. Jake particularly enjoys introducing newcomers to rope, demystifying it for those who claim to be all thumbs, and reminding longtime players that it sometimes really can be “all about the rope”. Sample his work/play on his FetLife profile: JakeKinbaku.

Fundamentals Forms of Kinbaku, Japanese-Style Rope Bondage
agura, takatekote, tasuki, matanawa, koutoubu-ryo-tekubi, kaikyaku-kani, gyaku-ebi, takezao
Don’t let the terms scare you away. Get a little familiarity with body parts and building blocks of Japanese-style bondage. With a handful of these basic elements and spontaneous freedom of expression, discover that there is effectively no limit to the variety of homegrown ‘kinbaku’ you can create. Tradition will lead you into exploration. Bring 2 or more ropes of 25-35′ length, ideally natural fiber.

Kirby Ward & princess
Kirby Ward Chair Munkee of the Houston Leather Boys has been a boy for many years. He is a smart, intelligent, subversive slave. He is owned by Master Buz Lawson

princess of the Houston Leather Boys has been a member of HLB for 3 years. She is extremely service oriented and loves predictive service. She is owned by Momma Duck and is a founding member of D.U.C.K.

What is a Leather Boy?
What makes a boy a boy? Can a Female be a boy? Service as a boy, and the protocol of boys.

Liz D/LuckyAlbatross
Liz, known as LuckyAlbatross online, is an enthusiastic kinkster with a desire to know truth of self and encourage others towards their own truths. I have been active in the public scene for thirteen lucky years. I’ve participated in events all over primarily focused on the East Coast and in Austin where I’ve lived for the past five years. I was a member of Black Rose in DC and the Baltimore Educational and Social Society (BESS), where I was elected as Secretary for two years and Chair of the Board for one year. Since moving to Texas, I have become a frequent presenter, leader, and event organizer in Austin for both kink and relationship dynamic aspects.

Faceslapping: Why It Rocks You Hard
There are many types of kisses in the world and sometimes the best one doesn’t involve lips at all. Whether you’re talking playful or powerful, a face-slap has many nuances and often triggers a sensitive nerve within the scene. This class will discuss the motivations, scene perceptions, and practical issues of this “edge play.” Whether you’re a slap-happy slapper, curious, or even anti-slapping in your own relationships, this class can help give you a fuller perspective on what face-slapping is all about.

Love Dolls & Sex Bots
Do you enjoy the idea of being an object for someone’s pleasure? Ever want to pull someone’s strings and watch them dance for you?

Why does this ancient theme of creating life from earth and stone persist in our modern world and what makes it so delicious in the days when a Pygmalion can become a Cylon?

Dive into this discussion and learn simple ways how you can become someone’s doll, bot, or toy for mutual pleasure.

Service Vacation Weekends
Are you curious about providing service as a core part of your relationships but not sure you want it all the time? Are you not currently in an ongoing relationship but still get your jones to serve? Do you have difficulty asking for or accepting service from others? Are you finding that life is getting too hectic and not letting your service flow as deeply as you want? While service can be a deeply fulfilling aspect of a relationship, it’s not always easy to start, maintain or deepen with so many distractions. Come learn how to create your “service vacation weekend” experience to embrace and experiment with this delicious and complex dynamic.

Master Troy
Troy of Master Troy’s Toys, has been involved in BDSM since the mid 80s and been a member of the Houston Scene since 2003. He is a founding member of SAF, a Certified DM through the Council of Tribes, and has done presentations for the last 3 years for various groups in and around the Texas Gulfcoast.

Make Your Own Dragontail (bring your own supplies if you can, we will make some starter kits for you to buy onsite but they will be limited in number)
Ever want to get in and make your own toys? Heres your chance folks. Troy of Master Troys Toys will be teaching a hands on, dont run with scissors, glue on your fingers class on how to make your very own dragon tail
Materials List
1) a piece of 3.5 oz suede ( thats a thickness designation, your merchant can help you there) 10 x 36 inches,
2) a package of flat topped thumbtacks (silver or brass)
3) 2 strips of either the same color or complimentary colored suede (2 to 3.5 oz ) 3/4 inch wide and 24 inches long
4) a 3/8 ro 1/2 dowel ( soft woods here folks)
Tools list :
a pair of sturdy scissors and a light hammer

Wolf is a trim carpenter by trade, and has been in the commercial construction industry for over 20 years. He started building furniture for him and his wife. He loves working in the shop and enjoys the opportunity to help others find their inner Kinky Woodworker. Wolf is active in several groups in the Austin and San Antonio areas. His furniture has been used at South Plains LeatherFest and is used by several groups in his home area.

Dungeon Furniture: Safety, Design, and Construction
This class is designed to teach some of the considerations that should go into the construction of furniture to be used in the dungeon. Safety in design is stressed. While not everyone will want to build their own furniture, safety issues that pertain to the inspection of the types of pieces that are commonly found in both piblic and private playspaces are discussed. The advantages and disadvantages of different types of wood are discussed, as well as some of the finishing techniques. The joy of being able to design furniture for one’s own needs or special requirement is discussed as well as some possible options and how to incorporate them into designs. Storage is a concern for many people, and different ways of hiding and/or concealing furniture are brought up.

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