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Fetish Fair Fleamarket (TM)

Members of the media are welcome at our event, but we ask that you obtain a press pass from us and that you follow certain rules as pertain to our attendees privacy and comfort.

The Fetish Fair Fleamarket has been making headlines since 1992. Among the newspapers and periodicals that have featured us: The Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Phoenix, Stuff @ Night, The Improper Bostonian, The Lawrence Eagle-Tribune, and Bay Windows. Almost every newspaper in the northeast carried an Associated Press Wire story about the event in 2000. Event creator and director Cecilia Tan has spoken about the fleamarket with WEEI radio's Dennis and Callahan, on WFXT TV, and WFNX radio.

To get on the press list/guest list for an upcoming event, email "[email protected]" to make your request. Tell us what publication or media organization you represent, and if you have any needs. We can help you find interview subjects, explain jargon, and much more.

When you arrive, check in at our main desk to get a press/photo pass (which you must wear) and sign a release of liability. You can also pick up the class schedule and other important information there.

Media Rules

  • No Video Cameras in Public Space
  • Because of privacy concerns, no video cameras are allowed in event areas. We have had videographers on site in private rooms before, taping interview subjects in private. You may make these kinds of arrangements with us in advance.

  • Signed Releases Are Required
  • Still-photography is allowed only of individuals who have consented to being photographed and who have signed a release. No crowd shots, no bystanders in the shot. If anyone thinks you took their picture (even if their face was not in it) without their consent, your film or memory cards must be wiped.

  • We're Here To Help
  • If you are looking for a specific angle, need introductions to guest speakers, have questions about terminology, or any other issues, we'd be happy to assist you.

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    Fetish Fair Fleamarket (TM)
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