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Fetish Fair Fleamarket (TM)

How to become a vendor at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket
We maintain a database of close to 350 vendors and crafters who have participated in our events or who want to participate in the future.

To become a vendor at a future event, you must take the following steps:

1. Apply to join the database by filling out the application form and mailing it in. There are two versions of the form:

Leave out your legal name or your phone number and expect your request to be tossed in the trash. If we are going to do business together, these things are required. If you must maintain a secret identity or stay in the closet, then going into business as a fetish vendor is probably not a good idea for you. We also need an email address, since that is the main way you will hear from us about registration opening up.

2. It takes me up to six months to add new people to the database. Once you are added, we will add you to the email announcement list for vendors. You will get an email saying you have been added.

3. Watch your email for announcements from the list. Make sure you have white-listed email from "[email protected]" and "[email protected]" The email announcements will be the only way for you to know when registrations are being accepted for various shows. You can subscribe to this list through the web interface found HERE, as well.

4. Do NOT try to pre-pay or pre-register for a fleamarket that is not open for registration. The chance that we will lose your paperwork, lose your check, or simply forget to include you in the show you want to do is very high. We often place vendors on a first-come, first-serve basis, but if you try to skip the queue by sending your money three months ahead of everyone else, you are asking for trouble.

5. Stay on the list by maintaining a good relationship with us. Since 1992 very few vendors have been actively banned from our shows, but it does happen once in a while. Repeatedly bounced checks, willingly selling illegal items after being told not to, and bringing live goats into the show are some of the reasons the banned vendors were not invited back. (Ask me to tell you the goat story some time.)

We do our best to take care of you, the vendors, in every way possible. So please follow our rules and keep the FFF manageable.

    The rules are pretty simple:
  • No nudity.
  • No unauthorized cameras/photography.
  • No smoking and no open flames.
  • No live animals or non-human pets.
  • No children, not even infants -- you must get a sitter.
  • No sex in event areas. (Get a room!) Light demos are OK.
  • No postering or flyering in the hotel or venue without permission
  • No flyering in front of other vendors' booths.
  • You are responsible for any damage to property, carpet, painted walls, etc...
  • Bounced checks or credit cards incur a $20 fee.
  • Payment in full including bounce fees is due before you can vend.
  • No vending of controlled substances or what could be interpreted as drug paraphernalia. This means no needles, even for piercing play.

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Fetish Fair Fleamarket (TM)
A trademark of the New England Leather Alliance

Used with permission.

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